Murder Does Pay Ink is a self publishing start-up for crime mystery books and e-books.

Owner/Author Nanci M. Pattenden

Nanci M. Pattenden is a professional genealogist, and an emerging author of historical crime fiction. After digging into her own genealogy, Nanci uncovered a story about a young ancestor, sent to Canada from an English workhouse, who ended up on trial for murder. This sparked her interest in writing fiction, and launched the beginning of her first novel.

Nanci has published several non-fiction articles in The Attic (Aurora Historical Society), Ancestors (York Region Branch OGS), and Site Lines (National Historic Sites Alliance for Ontario). Her interest in genealogy, local history and love of Victorian murder mysteries have merged to create a new Canadian Victorian murder mystery writer. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, The Writers Community of York Region, and the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS). She has completed the Creative Writing program at both the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto, as well as two programs with The Institute of Genealogical Studies (Canadian and English studies).

Nanci currently resides in Newmarket, Ontario with her fluffy white cat, and can be contacted through her website at http://www.nancipattenden.com.

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Business Registration Number 290071117

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