Book 4 coming soon …

Looks like I may be on schedule to release book 4 in the Detective Hodgins series, Homicide on the Homestead, in time for Christmas. The cover is partially ready. Basic graphics have been picked, so it shouldn’t take long to get that finished. Final (hopefully) revisions are being done.

Sneak peek at the cover … it will require a bit of tweaking, but this is more or less what it will look like.

Book 5 has been started so with luck and commitment that will be available next year. Working title – United in Holy Deadlock. Might be able to get the graphics department working on that so it will be half-way ready when the manuscript is done.

2020 has arrived

The second novella in the D.E.M.ON Tales series was released Jan 30, 2020. Book 1 is Assassin Eco- Corpses, released Oct 31. 2019.  Book 2 is Bobcat Got Your Tongue. Book 3 is scheduled for an Apr.30 release. and Book 4 July 31.  These are e-books, with a print version containing all four scheduled for August or September. The next group of 4 will have the same schedule.

The fourth book in the Detective Hodgins series should be ready for release later this spring. At this point in time, it looks like there will be 9 novellas in this series.

Generation Witch is on hold until Book 4 in the Hodgins series is published.

Detective Hodgins Victorian Mysteries book two

The major project for 2015 will be book two. It has been started and has been marinating for a few months. There are a few other things that have been partially written, but they will be put on the shelf until book two is done.  I guess the writers version of Elf on the Shelf is Manuscript on the Shelf. For most an e-shelf inside the computer.

Updates for the book will be on the author’s site at

Upcoming publications:

Body in the Harbour – A Detective Hodgins novella. Two young boys playing on the wharf in Toronto Harbour discover a body washed up on shore. The bashed skull and straight edge cut rule out the possibility of suicide or accidental drowning.

There are currently 3 novellas in the works, possibly more. They take place in Victorian Toronto, Ontario, between 1874 and 1890. The first novella is scheduled for release September 2014.

Full Circle: The story of 16-year old William who was sent to Manitoba in 1888 after spending almost 13 years in an English workhouse. Three years after arriving in Canada, he finds himself on trial for his life in the death of housekeeper Annie.